Domination's the name of the game In bed or in life They're both just the same Except in one you're fulfilled At the end of the day ♥

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Mhia wears:

Body: Maitreya
Head: Akeruka - [AK] Camille Bento 2.0 
Hair: Truth Hair-  Loni 
Acessory:  Astralia - Private Property set with HUD
Nails: **RE** Dark Queen Rings
Lingerir: .BF. Allanna Lingerie @HentaiFair

Doghouse: Astralia - Sexy Slave Doghouse  @HentaiFair

Nando wears: 

Pants: Jeans - <kalback> Original Jeans @SignatureEvent
Gloves: **RE** NeeX Leather Gloves & Rings (TMP)

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